Hisho 1.1.0 Help

Hisho (秘書)

Hisho is a utility tool for local development with dependencies like Docker containers.


  • Define Docker Containers that must be running, before any commands can be executed

  • Define Build Steps that need to succeed, before a command is executed

  • Configure environments for commands, these are separate from the system environment

  • Human editable configuration format using RON (Rust Object Notation) for our hisho.ron files.

Git Repository

The main Git repository of Hisho is private.

However, there is a public mirror on GitHub where Issues and Merge-Requests can be submitted to.


Hisho is written in Rust and split into two main parts.

  • The crate hisho_core contains all the features of Hisho as functions that can be called.

  • The crate hisho_cli2 contains the user facing CLI which calls Hish Core functions.

We use this design to allow different kind of user facing frontends for the features of Hisho.

Supported Platforms

Hisho officially only supports Linux on AMD64 CPUs, being build with Rust 1.73+ and musl libc.

While Hisho tries to be platform-agnostic, there is no guarantee that it works on other platforms.


You can find the user documentation for Hisho in the docs directory.

The documentation is build using JetBrains Writerside.
You may need to install Writerside into IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate or download standalone Writerside via the JetBrains Toolbox
in order to write/build the documentation.
Modification to pages can be done with any editor, as they are markdown or xml/html files.


This code is licensed under the Mozilla Public License, 2.0.
You can find a copy of the license in the LICENSE.txt file or online.

Last modified: 14 December 2023